Sunday, October 3, 2010

NPR Morning Edition

I am often asked to comment about the price differential between the cost of materials and products in the US vs China. The “china Price” is a hot topic of conversation. But when NPR called me, I was truly thrilled to give an interview. I have been member of NPR for years. I respect NPR’s approach to programming and enjoy the feature clips. What a great opportunity! The link to the audio story is here
NPR reporter, Adam Davidson called me early on Thursday morning and asked me several questions about the cost differential on Chinese-made products if the RMB was allowed to freely float against the dollar. One of the examples I used was of the industrial springs I helped a client source in Shenzhen. That was the anecdote he chose for the story.
Since my book, 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China, was published, it has done very well on . My publisher also sent out a press release to TV and radio stations and over time, I have been interviewed on several radio stations. I was also interviewed for CCTV (China’s CNN). But NPR was the best of all. My 15 seconds of fame!